Dr.Kavya Babu

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I am Dr Kavya Babu

After my Higher secondary education, I thought to pursue my mbbs from Germany, but our agency redirected me to China. At first I thought it was not a good idea to go to China as I heard the language is a bit difficult. But My parents motivated me to go Harbin Medical University, China to start my MBBS programme.
I reached China on 12/november/ 2013. The climate in Harbin was too cold and at that very moment I thought about going back home. But The hospitality I received  from our university was mesmerizing. Officials from our university were waiting for us in the airport. On our arrival they picked us and dropped us in our dormitory, which was specially assigned for foreign students. Their warm welcome just melted all our hearts.
From that day we saw a second home in Harbin. University officials often visited us in the dormitory and they have given us many activities to keep us engaged and forget about our homesickness.. Once our classes began, we were on cloud nine. Because what we heard about education in China was entirely different from what we were experiencing. We had more practical classes than theory which laid a good foundation for our career.
In 2016 I found the love of my life from China. Dr Nandakumar was my senior PG resident whom I met in our University became my moral support and guided me to explore the beauty of China. Later I married him after moving back to my home country.
6 years have gone too fast , we don't even notice how the time has gone. Our classes were that crystal clear which helped me to crack the license exam of our Country. Now I am working as a Medical Officer in my country. Harbin Medical University, Teachers and University officials gave wings to my dreams and made me who I am today. I take this opportunity to thank my professors , CIE officials and all other staff for the support and guidance.