DR. Ahmad Obeid 大鹏

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MY China Story

I am Ahmad Obeid 大鹏.

When first I heard about China I didn't think that I will go there to continue my study nor traveling , the reasons were a lot and the main one was that I don't know much about China, Chinese culture or language, even I didn't heard anymore go there to study, so there were so much information missing  about China,  so I thought how to feels like if I go there to start my future plan from china.


Surprisingly I was shocked when I started to search about china. I knew about Chinese culture, food , a few cities, a few provinces timing, weather, people’s habits and finally about the universities.





It was a big challenge for me as an 18 year old boy travel alone to China without knowing how to speak chinese language except nihao 你好. But you known what everything was more than nice , the way Chinese people talk to you , the kindness that I received from them made everything easy for me to start my study with deep relaxation and hug power.


I have learned how to be independent, it's beautiful when you learn how to deal with your problems alone, everything you face it's your own responsibility and if you don't deal with now, now body will do it for, and here was my personality grown up, that has made a lot of differences in my life.




On one hand I would love to talk about my classmates the biggest batch in the University of international students at that time, it was so amazing meeting them, they were energetic, kind and hard-working students, we used to learn from each other and encourage each other for studies, I will always admit that I have learned a lot from them specially at class time. 


On the other hand my professors and doctors who did their best to teach us day by day for our future career, they were very patients and great during all these years, and the lovely part is some of them were even my friend even we were going out for fun sometimes.




I am now so proud of my University and my hospital for giving us all the knowledge that we have now and using it now to treat patients in all the world, me and my friend are very happy to say that we have graduated from China, it was an amazing experience.






Now I am having my own clinic as General Physician (GP) at my country. Happily giving the best treatment  and advises for my patients whom use to come and visit me when they need me, and sometime I used to go to their place as a home visit service to check up their health.

And I am so thirsty to go back and continue my master and PHD again in China.